Armed Forces Aid Campaign

Serving Active Duty Troops and Veterans 
from All Branches of the Armed Forces


2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Aid to Active Duty Troops and Veterans of the War on Terror and their Families  $67,500  $66,750  $138,219   $126,819  $98,462 $30,437
Phone Cards $75,967 $50,094 $52,800 $9,670  $11,770  $9,163
Benevolent Assistance $16,061  $9,900  $15,750 $15,250 $11,314 $0
Vocational Education Training $0 $0 $6,065 $2,250 $0 $0

Updated June 2014

Aid to Troops represents the amount of direct aid we've been able to give active duty soldiers serving in the War on Terror, as well as veterans of the War, wounded soldiers, and the families that stand behind these brave service men and women.  We've been able to help with supplies requests from troops overseas, care packages for active duty soldiers, medical bills and rehabilitation items, travel (so a family member can be with a wounded son or husband), making a soldier's house accessible for his wheelchair, and much more.

To date, our Phone Card program has given away more than 53,000 phone cards.  With your help, thousands of soldiers serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere have been able to call home and talk to their loved ones at no cost to them.

Benevolent assistance represents help given to pre-9/11 veterans and/or military families suffering from financial hardship.

Our Vocational Education Training program assists veterans of the War on Terror with learning opportunities in new career paths.

Armed Forces Aid Campaign is a project of the
The Enlisted Association's Foundation . 1111 S. Abilene Ct., Aurora, CO 80012 . 800-338-9337
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